About Us

About Us

Based in Brussels and with support offices in the Middle-East and North Africa region, Harco HIS  is a leading value-added distributor of complete electronic physical security solutions including IP surveillance, access control, power, transmission and storage solutions.

At Harco, throughout our superior product offerings, our knowledge of the MENA region markets and unparalleled local and technical service, we help our customers achieve their surveillance and security objectives in all efficiency.

We only sell thru approved resellers/system integrators channels and have a proven track of success. Our references are based on a major experience in providing effective and practical solutions in the Security Business, throughout our 20 years of presence in the Middle East.

Harco Group are the providers of many pioneer solutions in the Video Security and Surveillance arena such as Arecont Vision, DW, Exacq Technologies, ICT, Raytec, Riva, Fluidmesh, ACIC, Veracity, Silent Sentinel Kantech, Altronix, Theia, Nexsan, Seagate, etc.


The Harco Group, a Belgian company, was established in Brussels in 1989, as a Trading and Distribution organization supplying raw materials and chemicals to various industries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

An expansion was done in 2003 to Asia Pacific, followed by a second one in 2008 to Central and Latin America. In 2009, Harco Americas was established in New York and then moved to Las Vegas.

Over the years, Harco Group diversified their business activities into a wider range of sectors, to operate through 4 Divisions. One of those Divisions, namely HIS, was created in 2001, mainly for distribution of “Video Security and Surveillance” solutions and with the purpose of working on projects in the Middle East region and selling through resellers (B to B).

In 2004, the HIS Division took a new path by working on a different strategy, based on 3 pillars, to differentiate Harco from major players in the industry in the MENA region.

Harco’s Differentiation Strategy (3 Pillars)

1- Focused strategy on a specific range of high-end, non-competitive, complementary and diversified solutions within the IP CCTV segment, rather than just getting products and putting those on the shelf along with others.

2- Significant investment in personalized local presence.

3- Recruitment and development of technical ‘gurus’ in the IP CCTV industry so that Harco becomes a reference in this vertical across all the sales cycle such as site survey, system design, consultancy and pre and post-sales support.

Today, Harco is renowned for being a focused and successful distributor of pioneer solutions in the Video Surveillance arena in the MENA region, while relying on a wide channel of 150+ system integrators with a significant client base and employing people as fixed human resources providing local support and sales in this region.


Our mission at Harco HIS is to “Provide our customers with the best customized surveillance and security solutions coupled with a continued superior service leading to outstanding customer satisfaction and peace of mind”.


“Be recognized and lead the way in innovative solutions by being inside every place to be secured within the regions we serve.”


Values for Employees

Act as part of the family

Empower our people to be effective no matter where they are

Participate in new ideas, services and objectives

Focus on building value

Reward our people on their loyalty and commitment

Embrace the company’s dynamic culture and value


Values for Customers

We deliver quality products and services in the most efficient and ethical way

We bet on a seed innovation that can lead to a pioneer offering

We act as consultants for our customers and discover the right value proposition

Our target is to have outstanding and coherent customer satisfaction


Values for Suppliers

We believe in their products and position them well, wherever we operate

We contribute to our partners’ evolution for mutual success


Values for the Society

We bring value to the community

We listen, engage and learn

We do what we commit for, and live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior towards human being

We value people of diverse gender, ages, religions, and backgrounds

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