Creating Smarter Systems with Raytec Network Lighting

Cat McElroy 19.11.2017
Lighting has always been an essential component of high security video surveillance systems but has historically been treated as a stand-alone accessory. However, with the development of Network Lighting, it firmly places illumination at the very core of our security systems and unlocks more intelligence than ever before. It enables us to use lighting as an interactive and dynamic tool which can respond instantly to any situation at any time. IP…
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Moving IP CCTV systems from Reactive to Proactive

Ahmed Baker 17.05.2017
We have been successful in moving many IP CCTV systems from Reactive to Proactive system by using RivaVCA which offers advanced algorithm IP CCTV Cameras. This technology simply allows the user of the CCTV system to categorize the object entering the camera seen which means a better decision of what to do next.   RivaVCA can filter detected objects such as Human, Vehicles, Boats, Animals etc. Once the camera can send such a METADATA, users can…
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Altronix PoE Enabled Multiport Fiber Media Convertors option

Ahmed Baker 13.05.2017
The demand on Fiber Media convertors have been always. We are glad to introduce the multiport solution available from Altronix that provides a Base receiver of 4 X 1Gb SFP Fiber IN. However, a new PoE solution have been introduced by Altronix to power the base unit via PoE and no need for 230VAC power input anymore. Still legacy 230VAC power input multiport is available.   Key features:   -         …
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Switch from Analogue cameras to a complete IP based CCTV system without touching the infrastructure

Ahmed Baker 08.05.2017
The solution herein below will enable you to switch from Analogue cameras to a complete IP based CCTV system without touching the infrastructure and therefore save time and money.eBridge solution is a well-known solution to utilize & convert the analogue coax cable system in to IP Ethernet system without replacing the traditional coax cables in to Ethernet cables. The challenge was the too many patch cords that needs to be between the switch…
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The Altronix Fiber Looping solution

Ahmed Baker 13.02.2017
We have announced earlier about the Altronix Fiber solution NETWAY4EWPX that have some unique features of eliminating the need for Industrial switches and Fiber Media Convertors. Now, we have moved a step ahead by developing the same technology with looping capability as per the attached diagram.   This solution can help a lot in many applications but mostly for the Perimeter security which looping is required to reduce the physical installation…
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Testing the RivaFlex 12MP Camera

Ahmed Baker 03.12.2016
Used camera: RF61203IR 12MP, 4K and 8MP Camera. Firmware: 2.400.0000.8.T, build: 2016-05-30 Lens: 4.1-16.4mm lens (12X Optical Zoom) - (106° – 32°) RF/RZ Auto Iris Exacq Vision VMS: Enterprise 8.0 Version. Exacq Vision Client: 8.0 Version. Purpose of the test: Highlighting the features of the RivaFlex 12MP Camera Technology   RF61203IR & RF61203IR is a cost-effective 12MP that provides a wide range of great features that complies…
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Rugged Surveillance in Remote and Harsh Environments

Razberi Admin 12.07.2016
The Rugged Surveillance ChallengeSurveillance equipment must weather hazardous conditions day in and out. Water, high temperatures, chemicals, ice, dust, vandalism and other challenges place security and surveillance recording appliances in vulnerable—and costly—positions.The biggest environment problem facing surveillance appliances is that the two most common elements—heat and water—work against each other in costly ways. While an air-tight…
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Testing the RF6303IR and RF3303IR RivaFlex Cameras

Ahmed Baker 26.04.2016
Used camera: RF6303IR 3MP Bullet Camera. Firmware: 2.400.0000.0.R, build: 2016-03-16 Lens: 2.7-12mm lens (92° – 28°) Exacq Vision VMS: Enterprise 7.6 Version. Exacq Vision Client: 7.6 Version Purpose of the test is to highlight the features of the new RF63 and the RF33 beside the extreme low bandwidth and storage requirement. Riva RF63 and 33 have unique feature called Region of Interest (ROI): This feature allows to enhance camera compression…
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Riva Analytics Cameras Design for a prestigious Seaport in Turkey

Ahmed Baker 18.03.2016
This document is a brief about the installation in one of the Prestigious Projects for Harco Group in Turkey using Riva technologies and Exacq Vision. Riva cameras have enhanced the security system along with the integration with Exacq by activating the analytics on the fixed cameras, and for the PTZ cameras to interact with analytics alarms triggers. Product Used: Riva Cameras: RC6602HD-5311 (Outdoor Bullet), RC3402HD-6311IR (Indoor Dome), RF4214…
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Testing Video Archiving in Exacq Vision

Ahmed Baker 15.11.2015
Used camera: RC6802HD-6211 – Riva Full HD Bullet Camera. Firmware: Lens: Fixed 3.2mm Exacq Vision VMS: 7.2 Version. Exacq Vision Client: 7.2 Version.Purpose of this test is to utilize the archiving option with Exacq Vision. Exacq Vision allows to perform archiving for the recorded videos on the logical drives which receives the incoming live video streams. Archiving allows to copy/paste these encrypted videos into a remote storage location…
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