Altronix PoE Enabled Multiport Fiber Media Convertors option

Ahmed Baker 13.05.2017

The demand on Fiber Media convertors have been always. We are glad to introduce the multiport solution available from Altronix that provides a Base receiver of 4 X 1Gb SFP Fiber IN. However, a new PoE solution have been introduced by Altronix to power the base unit via PoE and no need for 230VAC power input anymore. Still legacy 230VAC power input multiport is available.


Key features:


-          Connect 12, 16 or 32 IP Devices with PoE/PoE+ or PoE++ over 4 X Composite Power & Fiber Cables and 4 Ethernet cables back to the main switch.

-          The choice of power in for the BASE unit with either 4 X PoE+ from a Midspan or EndSpan, 2 X 56VDC (150W) via VertiLine563 or the normal 230VAC.

-          Outdoor 3, 4 or 8 ports Switch Camera side convertor with NEMA4/IP66 environmental enclosure. Indoor version is available too.

-          4 X 1Gb SFP Fiber Ports on the BASE unit.

-          120W at 50° temperature operation.

-          Made in USA.

-          Life Time Warranty on All Parts.


The attached sketch shows both models that have the following power option for the BASE unit:


-          Power Option 1: Via PoE+ MidSpan or EndSpan.

-          Power Option 2: Via 2 X 56VDC Daisy Chaining .

-          Power Option 3: Via 230VAC legacy power source.


For more details and datasheet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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