Riva Analytics Cameras Design for a prestigious Seaport in Turkey

Ahmed Baker 18.03.2016

This document is a brief about the installation in one of the Prestigious Projects for Harco Group in Turkey using Riva technologies and Exacq Vision.

Riva cameras have enhanced the security system along with the integration with Exacq by activating the analytics on the fixed cameras, and for the PTZ cameras to interact with analytics alarms triggers.

Product Used:

Riva Cameras: RC6602HD-5311 (Outdoor Bullet), RC3402HD-6311IR (Indoor Dome), RF4214 (Outdoor PTZ)

Video Management Software: Exacq Vision 7.6 Version.

Servers and local storage: 2 X Exacq Vision Z-Series with 64TB Gross each based on RAID6. 

Fixed Cameras:

RC6602HD-5311 outdoor cameras are bullet cameras with Full HD resolution, built in IR up to 35 meter theoretically and 30FPS.

This model have been used to increase CCTV proactivity on the perimeter of the port project as per the below examples which is an image produced by the camera itself:

The camera is viewing an angle of approximately 90°. This have helped in a wide area of coverage, but made identifying vehicles via analytics quite tough. But since analytics is done over the camera edge, analytics was done at Full HD 1080p resolution which gave more accurate analytics detections.

At 22 meters approximately, Human Identification was achieved in the Day time. In night time, lighting was an issue but the IR helped in enhancing the analytic detection to 15 meters.

Fixed outdoor models have been used to increase the CCTV proactivity and reducing the false alarms for specific rules such as triggering alarms after specific time schedule or because there are locations vehicles are allowed and human are not. So object identifications became a necessity:

Also Group of people can be identified compared to a single person:

Analytics is achieved on Riva Onboard itself which have the following advantages:

1-      No more bandwidth required since analytics processing is happening on the camera level and metadata is only sent to the server.

2-      No CPU load on the server since the processing of data is done by the camera CPU.

3-      Analytics is done based on 2MP, 1080p resolution and this increase the accuracy and decrease the false alarm. Being able to analyze the image at this high resolution again is because it is done on the camera level.

Riva VCA can offer significant accuracy on object classification and identification because of also it is 3D tool calibrator.

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