Testing the RivaFlex 12MP Camera

Ahmed Baker 03.12.2016

Used camera: RF61203IR 12MP, 4K and 8MP Camera.

Firmware: 2.400.0000.8.T, build: 2016-05-30

Lens: 4.1-16.4mm lens (12X Optical Zoom) - (106° – 32°) RF/RZ Auto Iris

Exacq Vision VMS: Enterprise 8.0 Version.

Exacq Vision Client: 8.0 Version.

Purpose of the test: Highlighting the features of the RivaFlex 12MP Camera Technology


RF61203IR & RF61203IR is a cost-effective 12MP that provides a wide range of great features that complies with many regulations as well as requirement:

You will see in the above image many amazing highlights about our RivaFlex 12MP Camera:

-          Identifying Riva on Exacq:


Riva is recognized with all of its details but still based on its Native Plugin. This will help in manually adding to this model into Exacq and all other VMSs.


-          Highlighting some features:


1-      Multiple Profiles settings:

It can be configured for 3 different profiles which are Day time, Night time and normal profile:

This allows adjusting the image in different settings that suites the day and night lighting conditions.

Also, customers can switch between these profiles based on the Profile Management as below:

-          Use a single profile all day.

-          Force profile to engage based on time settings.

-          Force profile to engage based on time settings and lighting conditions:

Once the above is selected, the camera will move to the next profile based on time unless the settings to switch between profile is set to Auto, then it will move to the next profile once the lighting conditions fits:

2-      Down scalable Resolutions on Exacq:

The camera supports the following resolutions down scalable without affecting the HXV FOV:

-          12 MP = 4000 X 3000

-          8.8 MP = 4096 X 2160

-          8.3 MP = 3840 X 2160 (4K)

-          2.1 MP = 1920 X 1080 (1080p – Full HD)

-          1.3 MP = 1280 X 1024

-          1.2 MP = 1280 X 960

-          0.9 MP = 1280 X 720 (720p – HD Ready)


At 12MP resolution, the camera can generate up to stable 15FPS while with all lower resolutions including the 8.8MP and 4K, it can reach up to 25FPS.


3-      Second lower resolution stream supported.

4-      Import and Export Settings of the cameras: Almost all Riva cameras can Import/Export their settings for any sudden unnecessary change.

5-      File Size is relatively small based on the resolution.

6-      Great Details with powerful Lens: Zoomed View (Tele)

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