Testing Video Archiving in Exacq Vision

Ahmed Baker 15.11.2015

Used camera: RC6802HD-6211 – Riva Full HD Bullet Camera.


Lens: Fixed 3.2mm

Exacq Vision VMS: 7.2 Version.

Exacq Vision Client: 7.2 Version.

Purpose of this test is to utilize the archiving option with Exacq Vision.

Exacq Vision allows to perform archiving for the recorded videos on the logical drives which receives the incoming live video streams.

Archiving allows to copy/paste these encrypted videos into a remote storage location via sharing a folder within the same server or a remote NAS.

Simply, this features allows to:

1-      Minimize the need of the internal storage in the server.

2-      Minimize the need of the external SAN system.

3-      Identify the size allocated on the disk for each camera.

4-      Archive the wanted videos like motion or alarm only or archive everything.


The good point here that you can create multiple shared files for each server to archive videos to it or create multiple shared files for multiple cameras which means each folder will be dedicated to this camera recording:


1-      Creating multiple shared drive:

As noticed, there are 3 folders have been created. Each one can have different task and different sources to deal with as per the required.

When going to the schedule tab, you will be able to assign which source this folder will have its videos in it. Not only this, you can also archive the desired videos. For example, camera RC6802HD-6211 will archive all types of videos:

While the second folder is taking care of the alarmed videos only from the same camera:

So if all cameras are recording all the time with events have been created to create alarms, you can assign a folder or a multiple folder to archive all alarms videos only.

Choosing all videos will always need to pay attention to the limit have been assigned for this folder. The above image shows before and after enabling archiving all videos.

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