The Altronix Fiber Looping solution

Ahmed Baker 13.02.2017

We have announced earlier about the Altronix Fiber solution NETWAY4EWPX that have some unique features of eliminating the need for Industrial switches and Fiber Media Convertors. Now, we have moved a step ahead by developing the same technology with looping capability as per the attached diagram.


This solution can help a lot in many applications but mostly for the Perimeter security which looping is required to reduce the physical installation time as well as the Fiber optic cables running back to the nearest IDF or MDF room. The Key features of this combination from Altronix are as follows:


1-      Looping capability.

2-      3 Ethernet Output with 30W/60W PoE per port and link speed of 10/100/1000 Mbps.

3-      Total Output PoE is 120W so some ports can be switched to 60W output if required.

4-      SFP port.

5-      The unit can handle backup Batteries so it can back up the unit when power cuts off.

6-      Up to 75 operation temperature.

7-      Very cost effective solution.

8-      Made in USA.

9-      Life Time Warranty.

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