Arecont Vision Wins 4 x New Products of the Year Awards


In the 2017 Security Products New Product of the Year Awards (NPOY), Arecont Vision created a new record. Arecont won in all the categories that our products were submitted in! This is a record for Arecont Vision, and likely for the NPOY’s themselves.


The NPOY winners can sometimes be split between more than one vendor.  Not in this case – Arecont Vision was the sole winner in all 4 of our awards.

·        No other camera vendor won 4 or more.

·       No other camera vendor won 3.

·       One vendor won 1.3 (1 sole win, 1 split with two other vendors), a few others won a single award.

·       Many other vendors won nothing.


Arecont will get the award hardware in a few weeks at ASIS Dallas, and add it to the award showcase at HQ.


The 4 new cameras that won the awards are the:

·       SurroundVideo® Omni G3

·       SurroundVideo G5 Mini

·       MegaVideo® 4K

·       and MicroBullet®


Arecont truly continues to offer winning products!

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