Blackjack NAS

Part#: DW-BJX2U

Harco Code #: HGNVNRUSDW0392063109

DW Blackjack X-Rack NVR Powered by DW Spectrum, includes 8 camera licenses pre-installed, Windows Server 2016 OS on mirrored SSD’s, Redundant Power Supply, 2U rack-mount, Storage Options with Blackjack NAS Rack Mount with up to 560TB of Storage, Capable of managing 200 1080P Cameras at 30fps, 1200 Mbps Throughput Intel Xeon Processor with 8 Cores, 32G Memory, Dual 10GB Network Ports, True HD and DVI Output, Graphic System Health Monitor, True Enterprise Scalability, Automatic Camera Detection, Customizable Layouts, Easy Drag and Drop Camera Management and Recording, E-Mapping, Advanced Motion Masking and Sensitivity Settings, Keyboard, Mouse and Rail kit are included, 5 Year Warranty. NOTE: X-Rack hosts the DW Spectrum client for setup and configuration only. We suggest a Blackjack Client workstation for monitoring.
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