Site Survey

A CCTV site survey, is the process of planning and designing a network of cameras, to provide a solution that will deliver the required coverage. We do a full inspection of the area; we collect the needed information for the design. We determine and locate the access and the areas to monitor, we choose what types of cameras and their locations. We consider as well the network infrastructure. The customer’s needs are our guide during the survey…
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Demo and POC

At Harco, we do proof of concepts for the solutions that we present. We agree with our local partners on the date, venue and situation of the site and we provide free demo cameras and licenses; this could be done by our partners themselves or by the Harco team members directly.
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Joint Meetings and Senior Presentations

We always try to be closer the end users and consultants and better understand their needs. This why we do usually visit them with our partners, the local System Integrators, in joint meetings making sure that the customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim. We also do senior presentations to the high management personnel at the customer site, and more advanced ones for our partners. During those presentations, we go through our products portfolio…
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We provide technical, sales and installation trainings, whether in house or at site (on demand), for most of our solutions’ products; and we make sure that all our certified partners are continuously updated with our latest versions. We also do workshops during our participations in the international events.
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We at Harco provide 2 types of commissioning:Field engineering, where our expert engineers will go onsite and do the commissioning to ensure that the settings are well done, from the smallest tricks to bigger fine tuning functions so that the system a delivering a highest performance from all perspectives.Online commissioning where the expert engineer will log on remotely and take the necessary action through a remote session.
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We do design based on the drawings and from scratch based on the site survey. While working on the design, we consider the below:The IP network must be very reliable and providing sufficient bandwidth and redundancy.Not to exceed 80% from the NVRs or servers used for the recordings.The level of details needed by the customer so that we can select how many Megapixels the camera should be based on.The height and where to place the camera.We do recommend…
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